Emmet Hedin

Emmet’s a senior in Pierson College from Winona, Minnesota. He’s proud to be a Minnesotan, and is eager to prove to everyone at Yale that it’s the best state in the union! You’ll see him with a big smile on his face in the Pierson Office, hanging around the courtyard, and biking around campus, although his favorite place at Yale is definitely the Yale Farm.

Emmet’s majoring in American Studies. He loves Abraham Lincoln and hiking in the woods. He also has the best roommate anyone could ask for, Jeremy Sims. The summer after freshman year, Emmet and his friend Jake drove 22 hours in one day from Minnesota to Virginia to visit Jeremy. Emmet has two younger brothers named Oscar (nicknamed “Oz” or “the Tall”) and Jasper (nicknamed “JP” or “the Small”), parents named Jack and Jenni, and a dog named Ivy. His friends and family make his life worth living.