Adam Lee Jenkinson

Adam is a senior born and raised in Moab, Utah, the most beautiful small town in the world (in his totally unbiased opinion). Growing up around national parks, mountain biking trails and the tempting whitewater rapids of the Colorado River, he loves getting outside. He’s an especially big fan of sports and Pierson Intramurals.

A big fan of people, Adam majors in Sociology (though he’s dabbled in almost everything in the social sciences) and is interested in education, health and sport, writing his thesis on the effect of CTE on high school football players. Outside of classes, Adam is heavily involved in Pierson College, his favorite thing on campus and the place he considers home. He’s a Pierson FroCo and an IM secretary, and he can often be found beating Dr. Davis in Nerf basketball or playing catch in the Pierson courtyard. He’s also worked for the Yale IM office as Head Student Secretary and for Yale Athletics as a broadcaster and cameraman for varsity sports. If you’re in need of help, conversation or just a high-five, stop by and say hi!