Freshmen Faculty Advisers 2014-2015

Freshman advisers are Yale faculty members and administrators affiliated with your residential college who have volunteered to talk with you about your academic interests and aspirations. He or she can offer general guidance about constructing a sensible overall schedule for your first year, help you think through larger questions and plans, and direct you to relevant resources. The primary purposes of these conversations are to provide general advice about acclimating to Yale’s academic culture and to give you an opportunity to become acquainted with a member of the faculty or administration affiliated with your residential college. Specific questions about particular courses or requirements should be directed to the relevant academic department or your residential college dean.

Advisers are available to meet throughout the term regarding any matter you wish to discuss, and the amount of contact you have with your adviser depends largely upon your interest and initiative. We encourage you to arrange a meeting with your adviser around midterm to discuss how your courses are going, and again toward the end of the term as you begin to think about your spring term schedule of courses. The Freshman Faculty Advisers for the academic year 2014-2015 are listed below.