Gregory Dellis

Gregory Dellis is a first-year student from Manhasset, NY, found right in the middle of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s East and West Egg. Greg is (very) undecided in regards to his prospective major, but for now, he just enjoys taking the most random classes he can find. Equally as random, Greg is the president of Yale’s graduate and undergraduate curling team. He had no previous exposure to the sport, because who does?, but he decided to join on a whim, and ended up competing, and placing third at the 2018 College Curling National Championship. Off the ice, Greg is a member of Yale’s “real Greek life” aka the Hellenic Society. If you happen to see Greg around Pierson with his neon green Reptar Backpack, come over and ask him about his definitive ranking of Beyonce songs, his questionable life goals, and his family’s DIY Ice Cream Parlor.