First-Year Counselors

We are Pierson’s First-Year Counselors (or FroCos)! Each Freshman is assigned to one of us before the year begins – we are the seniors who live near you and are a source of information and assistance throughout the year. We can offer suggestions about your curricular and extracurricular choices, take an interest in your concerns, and give firsthand advice on how best to use the academic and other resources of Pierson and of Yale. 

     Stephanie Siow

Stephanie is a Global Affairs major from Singapore (it’s a tropical island city-state 9,500 miles away from New Haven). Her academic interests lie in global health, foreign policy, human trafficking and development economics. In the semester of Spring 2015, she studied public health and anthropology abroad in India, South Africa and Brazil with the International Honors Program (yes, three continents! It’s possible!). On campus, she founded the Yale Southeast Asian Movement and serves on the board of Yale Faith and Action. She has also been part of the Yale Hunger & Homelessness Action Project (YHHAP) and Leadership Institute, and led the yearly Orientation for International Students. Stephanie is a basketball player, birthday party planner, world traveler and dedicated listener. She can’t wait to meet the Pierson Class of 2020! 


     Dara Huggins

Dara is a Psychology major from the sunny state of Florida. Over the past couple of years, Dara has been most heavily involved with Yale Black Women’s Coalition and the Black Solidarity Conference at Yale. Aside from these two extracurricular focuses, Dara is also a Mellon Mays-Bouchet Fellow. Through her fellowship, Dara is currently engaged in research on perceptions of, and biases against, Black women. She is also interested in the intersection between psychology and law, and how that intersection affects Blacks in America. Besides her research, Dara is passionate about all things food. She is also quite proud of her healthy sense of humor.

     JT Flowers

Born and raised in the urban heart of Portland, Oregon, JT is a senior​ double majoring in global affairs and ethnicity, race & migration at Yale University. He is the founder of A Leg Even, a nonprofit organization geared towards facilitating the academic and professional success of lower-income college freshmen at Yale. Over his three years at Yale, JT has had the opportunity to study and research in six different countries, where he has worked on topics ranging from international governance to refugee rights and urban education reform. His studies are centered around the intersectional impacts of culture, class, and institutions on effective policymaking and integrative social change, with a focus on increasing access to opportunity and socio-economic mobility in under-resourced environments.

​ He loves Pokemon (Yellow, Red, Blue, Silver/Gold, Crystal – no new gen nonsense), Jurassic Park (shoutout Dr. Grant), Kendrick Lamar, and anything even loosely related to Portland. ​Most importantly, he is beyond hyped to be spending a year getting to know the incredible Class of 2020!

     Reed Dibich

Reed is a Virginia gentleman, born in the capital city of Richmond. A Humanities major, Reed studies literature, history, and philosophy, and he completed Directed Studies as a freshman. While at Yale, he’s had the privilege to travel abroad with the Yale programs in Paris and Rome. Outside the classroom, he’s worked in the New Haven community with projects like New Haven Action and Volunteer Income Tax Association as well as in a few political campaigns. This summer, Reed completed Marine Corps Officer Candidates School, and after graduation, he intends to serve as a Marine Officer. You can always find Reed in and around Pierson. He works in the Pierson Office as an aide, plays a lot of courtyard football, and loves hitting the pre-dinner workout in the Pierson gym. Reed also loves to meet new people, so please say hi! 

     Paul Holden

Paul is a Cognitive Science major from Dallas, TX. He has been involved in Comparative Cognition research at Yale’s Canine Cognition Center since freshman year, where he investigates the evolution of human learning mechanisms. Paul studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain junior Fall and volunteers with HAVEN, the free clinic and with HAPPY (Hypertension Awareness Prevention Program at Yale). Paul helped found the Texas Society at Yale, a cultural club, and Yale Interzone, an organization aiding sub-Saharan migrants. Aside from Froco-ing and being a Piersonite, Paul enjoys playing tennis, tossing the Frisbee, and collaborating with friends on music production. After college, he plans to go into medicine.

   Will Viederman

Will is a Political Science major from the cow-rich town of Amherst, MA. His academic interests lie at the intersection of law, politics, and policy, and poverty alleviation. He is particularly interested in the varied ways in which actors in the public sector can exert influence over policy, even in the absence of direct jurisdictional relevance. He’s spent summers in Hong Kong, Washington D.C., and New Haven (where he worked for the Housing Authority of New Haven as a Presidential Public Service Fellow). Outside the classroom he sings in his a cappella group Redhot & Blue, acts in and directs plays, and teaches at Wexler Grant Elementary School. He loves Pierson with all his heart and will assert–repeatedly–that its dining hall is the best on campus (Ok, maybe second best to Morse/Stiles). After graduation Will wants to help people, although exactly how, what, and where remains to be seen. 

   Julie Guthrie

Julie grew up on a beef cattle farm in Southwest Virginia and has two younger brothers who she can’t believe are in high school now. She is a chemistry major and member of the ultimate frisbee team and has spent the past two summers as a residential counselor for Yale Summer Session. She can play the saxophone and likes dogs. Her favorite food is her grandmother’s scalloped apples, and don’t get her started about how to properly make cornbread. She is excited to meet the amazing class of 2020! 

   Stevie Roets

Stevie lives on a forty cow dairy farm in northern Wisconsin, which he finds to be udderly delightful. His favorite things include Wisconsin, the thirteen time World Champion Green Bay Packers, and Wisconsin dairy products. If you tried to imagine a stereotypical Wisconsinite, it would be Stevie. When he isn’t focusing all of his efforts on loving Wisconsin he tries to keep up with academics as an Ethics, Politics, and Economics and Art double major. Outside of the classroom he runs the Pierson College Letterpress, is the Conference Director of a European Union policy think tank, is president of the campus Lutheran ministry, and plays the tuba/sousaphone. During the past few summers he has worked for a Wisconsin congressman, interned at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, and helped artists with developmental disabilities connect with their community. Given his broad array of interests, Stevie is still trying to determine what his future may include. That is what the next eighty years are for!