Pierson College boasts some of the nicest facilities out of all the residential colleges.  Just inside the York Street gates you will find our beautiful Dining Hall, Common Rooms, and Library. Downstairs, our basement area, renovated in 2004, boasts many amenities for Piersonites.  Whether you’re looking for a place to workout, play ping pong or a game of pool, grab a late-night snack, bake some cookies, practice a musical instrument, or do some laundry, you need look no further than our basement facilities. And, on cold, snowy nights, you can use the basement to access the Dining Hall from your suite without going outside!

If you notice any damage or have any concerns about any of the facilities, you can

1.Call Customer Service at (203) 432 6888

2. Go online to http://www.facilities.yale.edu/students.shtml

3. Call or email our Facilities Superintendent Mark.Cappello@yale.edu
(203) 432-6126


Mark Cappello, Facilities Superintendent

       Mark Cappello is the Facilities Superintendent for Pierson and Davenport Colleges. He also serves as the Area Manager for all of the Residential Colleges. After finishing his undergraduate degree majoring in math and physics, Mark began a 30-year career in Facilities Management. Before coming to Yale, Mark oversaw a group of Project Managers at Cornell University, served as the Associate Vice President of Operations at Bennington College, the Director of Facilities and Grounds at Hampshire College and the Director of Facility Operations at The College of Saint Rose. He’s also continued his studies by pursuing graduate coursework in Architecture and Business Administration. Mark enjoys skiing and playing tennis and spending time with his wife and two daughters.