Pierson’s Fellowship includes professors and staff at the University (Fellows), and Pierson alumni or others who have made contributions in society (Associate Fellows). In addition, Pierson has Resident Fellows, who live in the College alongside the students. 

An important aspect of Pierson’s Fellowship is their involvement with students. First-years meet with a Fellow as their First-year Advisor early in their first semester.

The Fellows meet regularly, and their meetings usually include a cocktail hour, dinner, and a talk from an invited guest. Students are routinely invited to attend these meetings. 

Fellows and Associate Fellows receive notice at the beginning of each academic semester as to when the Fellowship will meet, and receive monthly notices as to the guest speakers. Students receive email invitations and have an opportunity to sign up to attend if they are interested in meeting with the Fellowship or hearing the guest speak on a topic of interest to them.

Meetings are open to members of the Pierson Fellowship, or to others by special invitation.