Office of the Dean

The Dean is chief academic adviser to the undergraduates living in Pierson College. Residing within the college, the Dean advises students in all aspects concerning academic matters. The Dean also applies and enforces both the Academic and Undergraduate Regulations that govern students’ academic work and conduct respectively. The Dean works in conjunction with the Registrar’s Office and the central Yale College Dean’s office, and oversees first-year advising by way of supervising the work of First-Year Counselors and of the First-Year Faculty Advising program.

To schedule an appointment with the Dean:       

Please click on the Calendly link here to schedule a 15-minute meeting.  If you are not a current Pierson College student, please email Kirsten Dudley to set an appointment with the Dean.  Calendly link is reserved for current students. 

If your matter is urgent, or you have trouble accessing the page, please contact the Dean’s Office at 203-432-1006.  

We are located at 261 Park Street.                                    Phone: (203) 432-1006    
PO Box 208247, New Haven, CT 06520-8247                         Fax: (203) 432-7561