Pierson Aides

Pierson Aides work in the administrative office of Pierson College and help Professor Davis, his Senior Administrative Assistant, and the rest of the Pierson staff keep things running smoothly! They are in the office to help students in many ways: to help you when you want to borrow DVD’s, pick up packages or checks, reserve Pierson spaces, if you’re locked out of your room during the day, or to help you out however possible. You may also see them working at one of the many Pierson events throughout the year. Click on their names to learn more about them!

Sofia Braunstein 

Peter Chung

Adam Lee Jenkinson

Alejandro Ramon Rojas

Fandi Tang

Makana Della-Anne Williams

Brian Matusovsky

Valentina Guerrero

Stephen Irving

Vicky Liu

Tamir Rabinovich

Krzyś Chwała

Amani Hill

Kai-lan Olson

Garima Singh

Pablo Vazquez

Mia Weathers-Fowler

Gregory Dellis

Alana Eiland Trini Kechkian
Royce Lee Orven Mallari
Karena Zhao