Administrative Forms

A variety of Yale College Forms are available at the Pierson College Dean’s Office. A few commonly requested forms are noted below:

  • Course Change Notice- for dropping a course, and changing grade mode from CR/D to letter grade

  • Credit for Work Done Outside Yale- to transfer credits from another university

  • Petition to Double Major- for requesting to add a second major

  • Graduate School Permission Form- commonly known as a “Blue Form” for requesting permission to elect a course in the Graduate or professional schools

  • Pierson College Party Registration- must be submitted to the PC Dean’s Office at least 48 hours prior to any party with 20 or more guests (Party Regulations & Guidelines) (Alcohol Safety)

  • Recommendation Letter Request- for placing a recommendation on file in the PC Dean’s Office

Please stop in the Pierson College Dean’s Office to obtain these and other Yale College forms.