Practice Rooms

Pierson College has many amenities for the musically-inclined Piersonite. These rooms are a part of the shared amenities with Davenport, so students in both colleges may use these spaces. Reservations are needed for all rooms listed below, and must be made through the Pierson Office at  (at least one member of the reserving group must be a Pierson or Davenport student). No food or beverages are allowed in any of these spaces.

Common Room/Frost Room

The Pierson Common Room has a baby grand piano for use without reservation, though this is a public common area.   **Due to current health and safety, you must make a reservation to use the Common/Frost Rooms.**

Practice Rooms

There are three soundproof practice rooms in the basement between Entryways G and H, which include a piano and a music stand. These three rooms are available 24/7 without reservation.  **Due to current health and safety, you must make a reservation to use these Practice Rooms.**

Large Practice Room/Recording Studio

Also in the basement between Entryways G and H is a large music room that has recently been equipped with recording equipment as well. The equipment and piano are as follows:

The console is a Mackie Onyx 1640i. As one of the first generation of firewire-integrated analog mixing consoles, it combines 16 gorgeous, transparent, industry-award-winning onyx preamps with an exceptional Cal Perkins custom-designed 4 band EQ and class-leading 16x16 24/96 conversion. The room also has a Yamaha GC2 5’8” baby grand piano, which sounds fantastic on everything from jazz to modern classical performances, and a Tama Imperialstar kit with Meinl cymbals miked individually with Shures (which can also be configured as triggers).

For classical recordings, a stereo matched pair of Rode NT-5 small-diaphragm condensers in ORTF configuration produces natural results and captures the ambiance of the room. For vocal performances, the Studio Projects B3 large-diaphragm multi-pattern condenser in concert with a Primacoustic reflection filter produces outstanding results.

Capable of recording small chamber orchestras or big rock groups and jazz combos, the brand new Pierson recording studio, nicknamed “Le Pierson Rouge,” by some, is sure to bring the underground music scene at Yale top-side.