Student Activities & College Council

Study breaks, baseball outings, apple picking, trips to the theater, New Haven Restaurant Week - these are just some of the things that your Pierson Student Activity Committee and College Council have organized for the Pierson student community. You can get involved and put forward your own ideas for fun activities.

PSAC and PCC meet every two weeks. All are welcome! Those interested in getting involved in Pierson student life and event planning should email Katherine Hong. More information on meetings and upcoming events will be posted at the start of the semester. PCC / PSAC will also host an interest meeting at the start of the semester – details TBA.


Katherine Hong, Pierson College Council President


Bio to come.


Tori Hass-Mitchell, Pierson Student Activities Co-Chair

Bio to come.

Dominic Schnabel, Pierson Student Activities Co-Chair

Dominic is a small town boy living in the (not so) lonely world of Pierson College. He hails from the college town of Claremont, California where the sun is always shining and the Mexican food is superb.  While at Yale, Dominic has had a rather eclectic experience, meeting new people, doing new things and going to new places.In addition to serving Pierson Class Council, Dominic also serves as the Academic co-Director for YIRA’s Hemispheres program and serves as the Student Prize Coordinator at the campus Secretary’s Office.In regards to academic interests, Dominic is extremely interested in the overlaps between mental health care, public health, and LGBT health. In his free time, Dominic loves hiking, watching reality television and going for morning runs. You can most likely catch him busting down the doors of the dining halls at 5pm or feigning working out in the Pierson Gym. He looks forward to serving Pierson College as one of the PSAC chairs! 

Joshua Racine, Pierson Planning Director

Josh Racine is a sophomore from Boston majoring in Global Affairs. Outside of PCC/PSAC, he is a member of the rugby team, a brother of Delta Kappa Epsilon, and the treasurer of the Yale Undergraduate Aquascaping Society. In his free time Josh likes to paint and ski.