Q: What hours are the Pierson Office and Dean’s Office open?
A: Both the Pierson Administrative Office and Dean’s Offices are open weekdays from 9:00AM until 5:00PM.
Q: I want to use the Pierson Student Kitchen. How do I get access?

A: Contact our student kitchen managers at pckitchenmanagers@gmail.com. They take reservations and give access. 

Q: I’m locked out of my room. What do I do?

A: If it’s between the hours of 9AM and 5PM, go to the Pierson Office. A Pierson Aide will retrieve a spare key and let you into your room. If you’ve lost your key, we will give you a replacement (a $25 fee applies). After hours, please call 5-5555 and a Yale Security Officer will let you into your room.

Q: How do I borrow movies from the Pierson DVD library?

A: The Pierson Office has a huge DVD library to choose from. Stop in and ask an aide for the DVD list or check the DVD database. You may choose up to two DVDs at a time. The DVD policy is as follows: Students may borrow up to two DVDs at once. Students have FIVE days to bring the DVD back to the Pierson Office. After five days, you will receive an email reminder. If the DVD is not returned within TEN days, you will receive another email reminder, be charged a $5.00 late fee per DVD, and have your borrowing privileges suspended until the DVD is returned. After 30 days, the student owns the movie and will be charged $20 per DVD ($35 for a television series).

Q: I need to use a piano. Does Pierson have practice rooms for me to use?

 A: Pierson students can use one of three small practice rooms in our basement, two of which have upright pianos. These are available with no reservation. Our large music room, available by reservation via the Pierson Office, has a grand piano. There is also a grand piano in the Common Room available for use.

Q: I am expecting a package from FedEx or UPS. Where can I find it?

A: UPS, DHL, and Fed Ex can be picked up at  Barnes & Noble Student Package Center located at 77 Broadway, Lower Level.  When a package arrives for you, you’ll receive an email from the Receiving Center.