Pierson College Writing Tutor, Professor Margaret Spillane

Need assistance with research papers, long and short essays, project proposals, journalism, internship queries, cover letters, and funding requests?  And then there are the many varieties of applications–for grants and fellowships, for law, medical and graduate school.  Pierson College Writing Tutor Professor Margaret Spillane will be happy to talk with you about strategies for making your writing stronger, leaner, more vivid and persuasive. She will work with you the way writers work throughout their professional lives–not just correcting each others’ commas, but looking for ways to find the strong ideas in the writing and make them stronger. To make a tutoring appointment, go to www.yalewco.com ,

Professor Spillane has an office in the PC basement–Room 047, just at the bottom of Entryway E.

Foreign Language Tutor

Foreign Language tutors are available as required. Please discuss your concerns with your instructor. Then visit the language tutoring website http://cls.yale.edu/foreign-language-tutoring to complete the on-line request for tutoring form.

QR or Science Tutor

Tutors are also available for courses designated QR in the Blue Book. Please discuss your concerns with your instructor.  You may pick up the form to request a Science and QR tutor from the Pierson College Dean’s office. For further information visit:http://ctl.yale.edu/tutoring/quantitative-reasoning-science/small-group-and-1-1-tutoring

Additionally, students are encouraged to go to drop-in hours of any of the quantitative reasoning or science residential college tutors found via this website: http://ctl.yale.edu/tutoring/quantitative-reasoning-science/drop-residential-college-mathscience-tutors

Humanities and Social Sciences Tutors

Tutors are available for students who are experiencing extended academic difficulty in a specific humanities or social science course. For information, visit: http://ctl.yale.edu/tutoring/humanities-social-sciences.

Course-based tutors

Students can access Course-Based Peer tutors who are overseen by the course instructor and usually have taken the course to receive help. Requests for authorization to appoint a Course-Based Peer Tutor should be addressed to Kailas Purushothaman, HGS 138. More information can be found http://ctl.yale.edu/tutoring/quantitative-reasoning-science/course-based-peer-tutors Specific course tutoring can be found here http://ctl.yale.edu/tutoring/quantitative-reasoning-science/look-your-qrsc-course-find-tutoring.