Graduate Affiliates

Hey Piersonites! We are the graduate affiliates of the college. Feel free to ask us questions about graduate school life, applying to graduate school, classes, New Haven,  Gryphon’s Pub, life after college/working, or really anything. We love talking to students, and probably talking in general, so we try to be as friendly as we can. Oh, and if you see one of us in the dining hall, say ‘hi’ – hopefully over the course of the year you’ll get to know us a little better and we’ll get to know you a little better!

This map shows where you can find us across the Yale Campus.

Yale School of Architecture

Yale School of Art


Yale Divinity School

Yale School of Drama

Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies

  • Annli Nakayama  

Yale Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Yale Law School

Yale School of Management

Yale School of Medicine


Yale School of Nursing


Yale School of Public Health